Frosty Bottoms Smell Nicer, We Can Prove it!

jeans in the freezer

Patrick Bennett

I like to wear jeans. I love the touch, the feel of denim; plus they’re great for braving bush, bars or nightclubs. You may have heard the best way to keep your raw denim jeans looking and feeling just right is to wash them only when absolutely necessary, and it’s totally true – they’ll eventually fit you like a glove conforming to your every move. Unfortunately, in the Caribbean (or here in 100-degree NY this week) the heat and humidity can leave your jeans nose-wrinklingly funkadelic after just one wearing. Luckily, for those like me who like to travel light, the answer isn’t to pack more of your favorite bag stuffing jeans… There’s a cooler way.

I actually picked up this tip just a couple weeks ago while traveling not in the Caribbean, but in Sweden of all places (where the 45º F Summer afternoons had me pining for a hot beach and a cold Ting soda). Anyway, while strolling about Göteborg, I came across a sweet looking denim shop named Nudie Jeans Co. I went right in, tried on a couple pairs, and just had to have one of their “jeans of my dreams.” The guy helping me in the shop mentioned that I should wear them as long as possible without washing them to allow them to fade into a personalized look and feel. I mentioned that I’ve heard this before, but quite frankly my jeans tend to stink after a while and I’m not about to walk about smelling up the place. He said, no problem… As soon as the jeans start to smell, just put them in the freezer for an hour or two. It will kill the bacteria that causes the smell and leave you with fresh jeans to keep wearing in.

This sounded like science to me, so of course I was sold! I then immediately set out to put this to the test.

I wore those jeans day in and day out through many a blazing hot afternoon until they got too funky to handle. Then I put them in the freezer overnight. When I woke up the next day, I took them out and gave ’em the smell test. Wow! The funk was gone. Then I put them on… And honestly, a frosty bottom on a blazing hot day might be reason enough to leave your jeans in the freezer!

Give it a shot, enjoy a frosty bottom and let us know if the funk eradication works for you.

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