Happy Birthday, Patrick, From Your Uncommon Caribbean Family

Uncommon Caribbean is family. And not just in the abstract sense that some in the online world ascribe to their platforms either. We really are family; two brothers from Saint Croix with primary ancestral roots in Trinidad. Just as our family tree extends throughout many other parts of the Caribbean, though, we’d also like to think that it carries over to you too. Whether you’ve been with us since our earliest Callaloo post, or you just showed up today, we have a shared connection. A desire to learn about, share, and understand our islands on a deeper, more interpersonal level than exists anywhere else. We’re all on this fun and exceedingly rewarding journey together. One family. One Uncommon Caribbean family.

So, as we’re all family, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to join with me in wishing my brother and UC partner, Patrick, a very happy birthday today!

It’s no stretch to say that Uncommon Caribbean would not be what it is today if not for his vision, skills, and patience putting up with me.

If you love Uncommon Caribbean, then you certainly love Patrick. So, please take a little time to big him up on his special day.

Happy birthday, bro! You may not be sailing around the Caribbean today, but hopefully you have a proper rum in hand to make up for it…

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