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You don’t learn how to sail in the Caribbean simply to pick up a new skill. At least you shouldn’t. With all that there is to discover among the many islands, cays, seas, and shoals that form your classroom, why would you limit your experience? Sailing Virgins certainly doesn’t think you should.

The sailing school born of the sexy, non-stop party at sea that is The Yacht Week employs a chill method of instruction that’s heavy on getting you up close and personal with the Caribbean’s natural wonders, culture, nightlife, and irie vibes.

If it sounds perfect, this promo video makes it look even better…

Sailing Virgins offers separate courses for sea dogs of all stages of expertise – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Your choice of “classrooms” include the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Grenada, and St. Lucia, so you’re sure to come away with a lot more than just some added competency captaining your own ship.

Visit Sailing Virgins online for more details on how you can live this amazing learning and adventuring experience.

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