‘Light It Up’ by Major Lazer (feat. Nyla) – My 2015 Summer Anthem

Looking for a Caribbean summer anthem?

That one song you won’t mind getting stuck in your head as you travel about the islands; or, for those without travel plans, a song that whisks you away to the West Indies in your mind?

It’s got to be something fresh and new; catchy without being corny; a sound like you’ve never heard before, right?

If so, then I’m thinking you’ll like the song that currently checks all the boxes for me – Major Lazer’s Light It Up

Major Lazer - Light It Up (feat. Nyla) (Official Lyric Video)

Track #6 on the just-released “Peace Is The Mission” album, Light It Up features the utterly sexy lyrical talents of Nyla, a Jamaican-born reggae/pop singer who you may have seen/heard debut on LargeUp.com a couple years ago.

I must admit that I wasn’t paying much attention to Nyla back then, but I sure am now.

The infectious beats and airy production effects are great, but it’s truly Nyla’s voice that has kept Light It Up in heavy rotation in my life over the past few weeks.

Every time I hear it I feel like I’m on a powerboat speeding my way among a string of tiny islands, the sun shining brightly overhead as we press on in search of secluded shores, a la the lead image above.

Yeah, I’m hooked on this song. Give it a listen and let me know what you think…

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