Steel Pulse – Earth Crisis: Music We Love

Steel Pulse’s Earth Crisis is my favorite album.

It’s a funny thing to say because this is not my favorite reggae album. It’s not even my favorite 80’s release. This is simply my favorite album.

I’m not saying Earth Crisis is the pinnacle of musical excellence, or anything like that. I’m just saying that it never fails to put me in the perfect mood. It always floods my mind with vivid feelings and sensations of growing up in the Caribbean.

In fact, my first “official” concert ever was Steel Pulse at the horse track on St. Croix (across from the airport) back in 1992… And that was already 8 years after this, their 5th album dropped.

I had never experienced anything like it. This international band on stage under the stars with an amazing, heart-pounding sound system, and me, surrounded by practically everyone I knew. It was an amazing experience where we all divided time between dancing and watching the band through a thick haze of smoke.

For the grand finale, the band launched into an extended jam to Steppin’ Out. After awhile, the music started getting slower and slower and slower. The dancing on-stage also got slower and slower. Enveloped in the thick cloud of smoke, it truly messed with your mind…

Finally they slowed all the way to a stop.

When they started jamming again – faster and faster and faster – they were playing the song backwards!!

It’s a night I can remember with amazing clarity.

You could do a lot worse than to bring this album along on your next excursion to anywhere in the Caribbean. Not only will the drinks taste a little better, the sun shine a little brighter and the sand between your toes warm your heart a little more, but when you return from the islands you’ll just have to play this album on a sunny day, with a drink in your hand, to almost put yourself right back in paradise.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Listen below and hear why Steel Pulse’s Earth Crisis is music we love.

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