Oscar’s Caribbean Connection

Last night’s Academy Awards got us thinking about Caribbean films. Not Hollywood blockbusters filmed in the region, but rather homegrown Caribbean productions directed by Caribbean filmmakers. Are any of these unsung and largely unknown movies ever considered for an Oscar?

The answer is yes! Here are the Caribbean films submitted to the Academy for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for 2010:

Kabo y Platón (Kabo and Platon), directed by Edmundo H Rodriguez of Puerto Rico

* Los Dioses Rotos (Fallen Gods), directed by Ernesto Daranas of Cuba

Surprised about Cuba? We were. It seems, though, that Cuban filmmakers have been among the most active Caribbean participants in the Academy Awards for years. Some 15 films have been submitted to the Academy by Cuban filmmakers since 1978, with 1994’s Strawberry and Chocolate (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, director) receiving a nomination. Santiago, the Story of his New Life, a film directed by Jacobo Morales of Puerto Rico, was nominated in 1989.

If you, like us, despise the formulaic nature of virtually every Hollywood movie these days, then perhaps these Caribbean films may be worth a look.

Do you know of any other Caribbean films that have been submitted to the Academy in recent years?


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