How to Stay Sexy While Sailing Out to Sea: Photo of the Day

There’s much to be gained from any trip to the Caribbean, but if you opt to go the mega cruise ship route, be prepared to gain (and gain, and gain some more!) quite a bit of something most of us would really rather do without – excess weight.

According to a recent survey, cruise passengers typically pack on one extra pound for each day they spend at sea, a product of the inescapable overindulgence that comes with the endless options available at the equally endless on-board buffets and round-the-clock open bars.

When you charter a small yacht, of course, you don’t have this problem. What you bring aboard is generally all you’ll eat, give or take a few extra treats provided along the way by the grace of the sea.

But what about sticking to your toning and body sculpting routine? It’s not like you can squeeze a fitness center onto your small yacht. Aside from a daily swim and various adventuring, what other means might you pursue to stay fit while at sea?

Our friends Mike and Rebecca from Zero to Cruising have the answer.

Like The Sexy Sailors we told you about awhile back, Mike and Rebecca traded in the stressful demands of the “Real World” years ago in favor of a more fulfilling life spent sailing warmer climes. They’re BIG into fitness, especially Rebecca, who looks like she could kick Jillian Michaels’ ass. (See!)

To keep her body in tip-top sexy form, despite her shipboard surroundings, Rebecca has developed a number of inventive workout routines, many of which incorporate elements of their yacht. Thankfully for us, she’s also been nice enough to share her routines, along with photos and easy-to-follow instructions on her own website called StrengthPlus.

Her Fore(stay) Play post, in particular, stands out to me. In it, Rebecca shows us five different ways to train using just the forestay rigging! Abs, arms, upper boddy, legs – Rebecca offers tips for toning them all! And that’s with just one small part of the boat!

Before casting off on your next Caribbean sailing adventure, I highly recommend you check out Rebecca’s StrengthPlus site. Your waistline will thank you…

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