Unmistakably Magical Sunsets at Sea: Photo of the Day

All sunsets are magical, especially so in the Caribbean, though nothing quite matches the manner in which Mother Nature closes out each day at sea.

On land – feet firmly planted in the ground, your gaze affixed to a static horizon – the whole scene plays out with a marvelous precision that can, in some ways, be diminished by its predictability.

Out at sea – bobbing to and fro, your gaze forever shifting with the tides, the tradewinds, and the whims of your skipper – the sunset is always different. Angles and perspectives change constantly, the animation adding an extra tinge of excitement to an experience you may have heretofore thought to be too pedestrian to inspire your wanderlust.

Whether moored for the night, or racing toward the horizon in pursuit of the sun, hopeful of tacking a few extra daylight memories onto your trip, there’s just nothing like experiencing sunsets at sea.

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