Songs to Help You Celebrate Halloween, Caribbean-Style

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Halloween is a little more than a week away! Excitement is building here in the States, of course, but in much of the Caribbean no one cares.

As we outlined last year, Halloween isn’t much celebrated in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own spooky traditions, haunted attractions, monsters, spirits and other supernatural phenomena to ensure kids stay tucked in their beds at night. To help you add a little Caribbean “spirit” to your Halloween fun, I’ve put together another 8tracks mix of songs highlighting some of our favorite West Indian frights.

The eight songs feature well-known artists like Bob Marley, Lord Kitchener and Peter Tosh, as well as the more obscure Ajamu and someone called King Horror! Listen closely for tracks on the Lajabless and the Soucouyant, two sexually-charged West Indian spirits we told you about in this 2010 post. Even Dracula is celebrated in song to a wikkid reggae beat!

To hear the tracks, simply click on the scary Demonic Child image above, captured by Chris Willis (tibchris) at the 2010 San Francisco Carnival.

Happy Halloween!

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