Saturday Video: The Best Secret Surf Spot in the Caribbean

Best Secret Surf Spot in the Caribbean

We love secrets here at Uncommon Caribbean.

The bigger the secret and the more it helps you enjoy truly memorable experiences on your travels throughout the region, the better.

Of course, there’s always some risk in spilling our special beans. None of us really want our most treasured spots overrun with the type of “tourists” typically found trawling the Caribbean’s most well-worn shores.

The guys at Onk Productions obviously feel the same way. They produced today’s featured video showcasing some truly amazing Caribbean surf action. The exact location of the shoot, however, they purposely kept to themselves.

I keep watching the footage over and over trying to figure out where this is, but really, I have no idea.

How about you? Watch the video, take a guess and clue us in by leaving a comment below. Even if we never find this exact spot, I’m sure we can have fun checking out your suggestions…

Also, for more incredible surfing videos, be sure to visit Onk Productions’ youtube channel here.


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