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Soca Music Celebrated, Explained in GREAT Podcast from Vice News

Recently, while wearing this shirt, I was surprised when an American friend asked: “What is soca?” Honestly, I was flabbergasted. How could someone I know not know what soca is?! How could anyone not know soca music??!!

To be sure, bias and ignorance are often close friends. They certainly were in this case as I unfairly passed judgement on my friend. (Shame on me.)

At the same time, though, soca is very much having a moment right now. So much so, in fact, that the genre once largely confined to its home country of Trinidad and Tobago now forms the predominant soundtrack for the entire Caribbean. 

The broader mainstream music world has also taken notice in recent years, and not just in Western countries either.

Soca music is the modern day Caribbean in all of its colorfully captivating cocksure sexy ways. A recent episode of Vice News Reports – What’s Next for Soca? – lends credence to this beautifully.

The podcast marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of soca music through engaging interviews, personal anecdotes, and more. Snippets of a few of the most essential soca jams from the genre’s first half-century further sweeten this 25-minute homage to the music that defines our region.

To know the real Caribbean, the real English-speaking Caribbean of today, is to know soca music. Click on the media player below to give What’s Next for Soca? a listen, and see/hear for yourself…


Editor’s note: Visit the Vice News Reports ‘What’s Next for Soca?’ landing page for more on the show, including a link to a Spotify playlist of songs featured in the podcast.

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