Songs to Help you Add an Island Vibe to Your Thanksgiving Day

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The notion of thanks and praise plays so prominently in reggae that it’s hard to imagine a genre of music better suited for today’s Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. To help you add a little island vibe to your turkey, football and family fun, I’ve put together another 8tracks mix of songs, each carrying themes of thanks.

Well, almost all of them are about thanks. I also threw in Pumpkin Belly by the legendary Tenor Saw, and Pour on the Sauce, a saucy track by The Soul Leaders with Carib Beats that has little if anything to do with eating…

Either way, it’s a fun and mellow little mix that I hope you’ll all enjoy. To give a listen, just click on the image of the palm trees above, which was painted by my eight-year-old son, Austin, last year following our family trip to Tobago… Not bad, eh?

You can also access the mix here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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