Summer of RHUM

Uncommon Caribbean Launches ‘Summer of Rhum’ to Lift Your 2020 Spirits

Worst. Year. Ever. So far, 2020 has more than earned the dubious distinction. I imagine we could all use something (anything!!) to lift our spirits right about now, right? If said something firmly jives with our uncommon style of travel and keeps us connected with the best of the Caribbean even better, right? We hear you. We feel your pain and are ready to help with our new Summer of Rhum celebration!

I can envision my Auntie Marcia, who thinks I love rum too much, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Believe me, though, this fete goes way beyond your typical booze fest.

At its core, the Uncommon Caribbean Summer of Rhum is an educational journey into the heart of the world’s finest rum. In tune with the times, our journey will be a virtual one. At the same time, though, it won’t be devoid of tasting opportunities…

Summer of Rhum – Martinique

True to the French spelling in the title, our Summer of Rhum will focus heavily on exalted rhum agricole brands from Martinique. In particular, we’ll spotlight Rhum Clément and Rhum JM. Get ready for a new series of posts outlining the storied history and tradition of each brand. 

What makes Clément Rhum different from Rhum JM? How does the terroir of the respective sugarcane fields and distilleries make the brands unique? What separates rhum agricole from rum, and which style best suits your palate? We’ll explore all of this and more!

Summer of Rum – Saint Lucia

Shifting our attention to rum (r–u–m), we’ll hop one island south from Martinique, across the Saint Lucia Channel to discover the amazing rums of Saint Lucia.

Admiral Rodney, Bounty, Chairman’s Reserve – the names are legendary among rum connoisseurs and the world’s top mixologists. We’ll introduce you to each brand and some of the amazing bartenders that make these rums sing in a variety of cocktails.

Endless Rhum Summer

As everything is upside down in 2020, our Summer of Rhum doesn’t coincide with the usual June–July–August summer period. Our celebration extends from August to the end of November. This isn’t a complete accident, though, as the change in climate from summer to fall brings with it new and varied rum savoring opportunities. For me, warmer rhum agricole  expressions complement cooler weather like nothing else!

As the fall and winter holidays draw near, we’ll explore the best rhum agricole brands to get cozy with by your fire.

How To Get A Taste

As I mentioned above, this virtual rum journey is unique in that it brings with it tasting opportunities! We’ve partnered with our friends at Spiribam, national distributors for all of our featured Summer of Rhum brands, to make some nice discounts available to you!

Savings of up to 10% off are available throughout the entire August–November 2020 Uncommon Caribbean Summer of Rhum celebration! 

To cash in, visit the Spiribam online store and be sure to enter promo code UCRHUM at checkout.

Cheers, and stay tuned. We’ll have a lot of useful, delicious, and money-saving posts coming soon on the best rums and agricole rhum brands available for purchase in the United States!

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