The Faces of The 2013 West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn

For the 46th time, West Indians from all over the United States, Canada, the islands, and beyond converged on Brooklyn for five days to celebrate the 46th annual West Indian American Day Parade. Millions of revelers and spectators met at Brassfest, the Junior Carnival, Panorama, Dimanche Gras, and too many associated West Indian parties to count.

This is New York City’s largest parade with a long history.

Over two million revelers turned out (despite threatening skies and the eventual downpour) to celebrate Caribbean culture. Below, are some of the faces from the street on Labor Day shared with us by Flickr user: Verity Rollins.

Click the images below to view them large.

(See even more photos in our 2013 West Indian American Day Parade Flickr Group.)

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