Top 10 Caribbean Rum Creams

‘Tis may be the season for eggnog most everywhere Christmas is celebrated, but in the Caribbean we have our own set of creamy, booze-filled treats, many of which we love so much that we actually enjoy ’em year-round! We’ve covered a couple of them – coquito and ponche de creme – before, but really that just scratches the surface on the various rum creams found throughout our islands.

For a more in-depth intro, I invite you to check us out over at

What’s LargeUp?

Essentially, they’re a Caribbean-focused website like ours, only they shine their spotlight on the uncommonly cool side of all the great music, fashion and pop culture entertainment bursting forth from the region, while we, of course, are much more about travel, adventure and the rewarding experiences you can have in our islands.

Crisma Rum Cream | SBPR

Crisma Rum Cream | SBPR

The two sites complement each other nicely, in my opinion, so I was honored to help them put together a Top 10 List of the Caribbean’s Best Rum Creams, which you can check out right here.

Like everything else I write, the opinions and biases expressed in the piece are my own. (Those who know me well won’t be at all surprised by my #1 choice.) You’re bound to have different opinions, I’m sure. Or perhaps you even know of some fabulous rum creams I may have missed.

Either way, I’d love to get your impressions on the list. Who knows, you may just turn me on to something new, forcing me to make some revisions, while also adding to my yuletide cheer…


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