Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case

Everything-Proof Eco Extreme Waterproof Speaker Case: Uncommon Buy

Of all the must-have things I’m always sure to bring along on all my travels, music tops the list. The soundtrack to my life cuts across a wide range of genres, with reggae, rock, soca, samba, classical, hip-hop and electronica in heavy rotation on my iPhone. To make sure I can enjoy my tunes EVERYWHERE my uncommon travels take me, I recently picked up the bright orange Eco Extreme waterproof speaker case pictured here.

Put simply, this is one of the best products I’ve ever purchased.

Right out of the box, it could not be any easier to use. Just pop it open, insert three AA batteries, plug your iPhone, or any other MP3-equipped smartphone or device into the headset jack, select your tunes, close it up, turn it on and start jammin’!

Now, this isn’t a Bose Wave System, so don’t expect full, rich and enveloping sound. After all, this speaker is built to take on the world, not satisfy your most discriminating stereophonic stipulations.

Still, the sound quality is rather surprising for such a rugged and compact piece of equipment.

It is, of course, the rugged, go-anywhere nature of the Eco Extreme that makes it particularly perfect for us. As we’ve noted before, iPhones are not exactly the toughest electronic tools in our shed. Keeping ’em safe, dry and close by during our island-hopping is a must.

The Eco Extreme does the job… and then some.

Plop it down directly in the sand as I did during our most recent visit to Sandy Point, St. Croix just a few weeks ago. Bring it along into the water, as I did moments after snapping the pic above. The Eco Extreme floats, keeping the vibes running smoothly even amid the waves.

A little water on the speaker will muffle things a bit, but simply turn your Eco Extreme over to drain the water out and you’re back in business.

Oh, and don’t worry if you should happen to drop your Eco Extreme. This sucker’s got a hard rubber shell that keeps everything inside safe and sound.

By everything, I mean your cash, credit/ID cards, passport, story notes, etc. The interior compartment has room for a lot more than just your iPhone, and still the whole deal is compact enough to take anywhere.

Yeah, I LOVE MY ECO EXTREME. If you travel like we do, I’m sure you’d love one too.

I paid $50 for mine back in December, but they’re heavily discounted now via various online retailers. Click on the product box just below the lead photo above to take advantage of one of the best deals available on right now.

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