Welcome to Uncommon Caribbean’s Back to School Week

Fifth grade starts today here in Florida for my twin boys, which has me inspired to dedicate this week’s string of stories to the real most wonderful time of the year for parents (and the worst for kids) – Back To School!

Now, you may be wondering what going to school could ever possibly have to do with Caribbean travel. Well…

a) Uncommon Caribbean has always been about way more than just travel. As native West Indians, we’re always keen on exploring different aspects of our home region’s distinctive culture and daily life. By doing so, in turn, we hope to give you the type of in-depth understanding of our islands that results in more meaningful travel adventures.

b) Experiential/uncommon travel is, at its core, always a learning experience. Whether it’s picking up French in Martinique, taking a first stab at surfing in Tobago, becoming a bona fide sailing pro in the Grenadines, or simply coming across a group of kids in Grenada and bursting your first bamboo, we uncommon travelers are always in school, so to speak.

So, stay tuned all week to get schooled on another side of what makes the Caribbean so special…


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Mina Mikhail.

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