Where In The Caribbean Should You Go in 2015?

A New Year often brings lots of nice new things, not the least of which being a fresh set of vacation days! Here in the States, where a paltry two weeks is the norm, there’s always pressure to pick the perfect spot(s) to cash-in those precious days off. To help you out this year, we asked a few of our travel expert friends to tell us what corners of the Caribbean they’re hoping to check out in 2015…

Lily Girma, Sunshine & Stilettos

Celebrated freelance photojournalist, author of the definitive guidebook to Belize, the beauty behind the Sunshine & Stilettos blog, and one of the best follows on Instagram, Lily’s 2015 travel tastes skew decidedly French…

For culture, history, beaches and nightlife and an off the beaten track experience in the Caribbean, it’s got to be Haiti. Over 100 unexplored beaches across five islands, all accessible via daily ferries have me wanting to return to the Guadeloupe Islands as well. Colorful day and night markets. Excellent roads. The most beautiful bay in the region: Les Saintes. And most definitely the blend of French and Creole cuisine – some of the best I’ve had in the region!

Joyce Shulman, Macaroni Kid

This super mom former lawyer empowers all moms everywhere through her famed Macaroni Kid online community. Like all smart moms, she’s keeping her 2015 travel desires simple…

I have Nevis on my mind because I’ve never been … But also seek a quiet, unspoiled largely unknown corner of the Caribbean.

Start your Caribbean family travel research right here, Joyce!

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, JetSetSarah.com

When it comes to Caribbean shopping adventures, no one stands taller than our petite friend, Sarah. Her expertise: the best things to buy in the islands, the best shops and markets to buy ’em at, and how to buy ’em at prices that won’t cut too far into your rum punch budget. So, you can well imagine what’s on her travel agenda for 2015…

In 2015 I’m looking forward to seeing – and shopping! – Caribbean destinations I’ve not yet been to: Dominica, Montserrat, Haiti, Saba, Statia, Carriacou, Mustique, and Harbour Island are on the top of my list. So much Caribbean; so little time!

Shops in these destinations will want to stock their shelves for sure in the coming months! To keep up on Sarah’s travels and shopping finds, be sure to visit JetSetSarah.com.

Laura Albritton, Island Runaways

You likely already know our most frequent guest contributor from the wonderful accounts she’s shared recently on her trips to Guadeloupe, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, or from her very own fab travel blog, Island Runaways. For 2015, she’s hoping to venture even further into the uncommon…

Little Corn Island. Been dreaming of Little Corn for years. It even inspired me to write a short story — which was later published (“Jerusalem, Nicaragua” in the Connecticut Review). The remoteness and quirkiness of this Nicaraguan isle absolutely intrigue me. A place where you can fall off the map, at least temporarily.

Wow, these are all great choices, if you ask me! We’ve got our own special choices, of course, which we hope to share in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any suggestions for us, or our travel expert friends, let us know by leaving a comment below…

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