Friday Happy Hour: Biting the Hair of the Dog with CayLight

CayLight Beer from Grand Cayman/SBPR

Today’s Friday Happy Hour post comes to you live and direct from the 2011 Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in Barbados, where I had the honor of serving among the distinguished panel of judges for the rum competition held yesterday. It was an amazing experience I can’t wait to tell you about at a later date, but right now I’m all about beer.

“How can that be?” you say. “You love rum, you’re in The Birthplace of Rum judging a rum competition and you’re all about beer?”

Yes, it’s true. That’s not to say that I’m all rummed-out, mind you. It’s just that after sampling 40 different rums over a concentrated four-hour period yesterday, then staying up late with the blend that turned out to be my favorite among the competitors, I’m a tad hungover sluggish today.

Best to work my way back to rum slowly. Best to bite the hair of the dog. Best to get my hands on a CayLight.

Another shining star of the Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd, CayLight was my go-to beverage after late nights in Grand Cayman earlier this year. At only 95 calories and 3.5% alcohol, CayLight barely packs a love-tap, much less a punch. Somehow, though, it manages to have a nice, distinctive flavor, which stems from the brewery’s craft beer roots (more on that here).

I’m generally not a big fan of light beers, but this one gets high marks from me, and a few other people paid to know better…

Beer judges at last year’s Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival voted CayLight the number one beer in the entire Caribbean!

CayLight bested 45 other Caribbean beers, each judged on appearance, aroma, taste and overall impressions. Pretty impressive, especially considering it’s only been around for a few years and not many people outside of the Cayman Island even know they have home-grown beers there.

Will CayLight make it two straight Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival gold medals? We’ll find out this weekend. For me, right now, though, it’s definitely #1.


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