Owen Island

Owen Island For Romance Beyond Off The Beaten Path

Little Cayman is well enough off the beaten path for most people. Sitting about 60 miles northeast of Grand Cayman, this slim, slight, and flat 10-mile long by one-mile wide remote outpost is home to less than 170 people, the largest red-footed booby population in the Caribbean, and not much else. The whole island and its surrounding waters are off the beaten path – a sleepy island sanctuary supremely suited for scuba and escape.

Even here, though, there’s a spot where you can run off and hide from the world. A spot where seclusion, peace, and serenity reach levels beyond the norm on Little Cayman.

This spot, beyond off the beaten path, is called Owen Island. You can find it just off the southwestern coast of Little Cayman. As you can see in the image above, there’s nothing on it. No people, no homes, no hotels, no nothing; an idyllic deserted private island in every way.

For anyone visiting Little Cayman, the ultimate retreat offered by Owen Island isn’t all that hard to enjoy. The islet is a veritable stone’s throw (200 yards) from the main island across South Hole Sound Lagoon. Most people head out here via small boats, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards, though the swim can’t be that bad for decent swimmers either.

If I ever get to Little Cayman, you can be sure I’ll find at least half a day to hang here, especially if the wife is along for the fun. Nothing says romance quite like brilliant white sands, crystal-clear waters, the warm sun above, and nary another soul around for miles…


Lead photo credit: Didrik Johnck (Deetrak) via Flickr.

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