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Saturday Video: Channel Your Inner Tony Hawk at Black Pearl Skatepark, Grand Cayman

A few weeks ago, I screwed up and misidentified the location of a sublime surfing video as Rincón, Puerto Rico. The footage was actually captured at a different Rincón… in California. (Oops!) You might think by the headline and video above that I must be mistaken yet again. I mean, what little skateboarding that exists in the Caribbean must surely be confined to getting from point A to point B, no? Could there actually be a place for Tony Hawk devotees to get crazy air and perfect truckstands?

Actually, yes!

The video depicts the action at the Black Pearl Skatepark on Grand Cayman, which at 62,000 square feet is actually the largest outdoor concrete skatepark in the world. The park’s myriad of concrete bowls and half and quarter pipes extend over three main courses — expert, intermediate and beginner — with both a flow and street course for each level. There’s even exceptional lighting throughout the park for safe night skating.

Black Pearl offers boards and protective gear for rent, and provides lessons for skateboarding, in-line roller-blading, and even surfing.

Yeah, surfing!

As you’ll see in the video, Black Pearl is the place to go in Grand Cayman if you’re interested in catching a few waves, thanks to the park’s state-of-the-art Waveloch Surf Machine capable of generating waves up to 11 feet tall! Perfect wave conditions are guaranteed here, which is a very good thing as I doubt you’ll find any natural waves even half the size of what the Waveloch can produce in the normally placid waters around Grand Cayman.

This surf lesson may not be as uncommon as Patrick‘s adventure with Boosy in Barbados or my misadventure with Jason Apparicio in Tobago, but Black Pearl is definitely worth a stop if you happen to be in Grand Cayman.

For more information on Black Pearl, click here to visit their website.

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