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Amphitrite, Siren of Sunset Reef, Grand Cayman: Uncommon Attraction

Take note single guys: it’s not hard to find a goddess in Grand Cayman, and not just because this popular British corner of the Caribbean attracts fair maidens from all over the world to her pristine shores each year.

For a guaranteed audience with a dazzling deity, simply make your way to Sunset House, a boutique scuba property situated along the shore about 3/4 miles south of George Town. Once there, you’ll want to strap on a tank, some fins, a mask, etc., and head offshore.

There, nestled among a vibrant reef at a depth of about 50 feet, you’ll find the mythological Greek sea goddess Amphitrite…

Stunningly beautiful and more than enough woman for most men – she stands nine feet tall and weighs 600 pounds – Amphitrite made her home in Sunset Reef back in 2000. Her creator, acclaimed Canadian sculptor Simon Morris (no stranger to underwater installations) was commissioned by Sunset House to add a little spice to their reef.

By the looks of this video, artfully produced by Frans De Baker, a Cayman-based professional cameraman specializing in underwater videography and digital photography, I’d say Morris more than succeeded.

For more on Amphitrite and the full array of dive services and cozy accommodations available at Sunset House, be sure to visit them online.

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