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Le Soleil d’Or, Cayman Brac: Uncommon Envy

A dream luxury escape is not, I’m guessing, what most people would generally associate with Cayman Brac.

Oh, the escape part applies alright, the tiny island’s remote location some 90 miles north of Grand Cayman forever keeping it firmly entrenched well off the beaten path.

Luxury? That’s primarily the province of Seven Mile Beach in the Caymans… Or at least so I thought until I heard about Le Soleil d’Or.

Le Soleil d'Or pool
Le Soleil d’Or pool

Entirely new, elegant, and exclusive, Le Soleil d’Or ushers Cayman Brac into the realm of high-end Caribbean travel as never before. That’s not to say that there have never been any upscale villa options on offer here before, but rather that there’s never been one quite like Le Soleil d’Or.

The property took a total of seven years to develop, the first three of which were spent on normal development things like building the structure, access roads, etc. Also important during those early years: importing tons of nutrient-rich soil, and not just for planting pretty ornamental foliage either.

Soleil d'Or Peppers
Soleil d’Or Peppers

Le Soleil d’Or is serious about sustainability. So much so that the owner, a NY-based businesswoman, made sure to include a 20-acre garden farm on the property.

Le Soleil d'Or garden farm
Le Soleil d’Or garden farm

More than 300 fruit trees producing 50+ varieties of fruit grow here, as do all manner of vegetables – eggplants, tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, celery, etc. Chickens and livestock are also raised here, all of it fueling a farm-to-table dining experience that must surely be heaven.

The guest experience here looks pretty heavenly as well.

Le Soleil d'Or living room
Le Soleil d’Or living room
Le Soleil d'Or guestroom
Le Soleil d’Or guestroom

Le Soleil d’Or currently consists of two units, a two-story villa that comfortably sleeps six-to-10 guests, and a more intimate cottage unit for up to four persons. Both units boast breezy open-air layouts offering sweeping, unobstructed views of the sublime stretch of beach and private pools reserved for Soleil d’Or guests.

Cayman Brac has long been on my must-visit list. Now, with Le Soleil d’Or in the picture, that list has a new #1.

For more on Le Soleil d’Or, visit the property online.

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