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An Unusually Calm, Quiet New Year’s Eve In The Cayman Islands

Many are the amazing spots throughout the Caribbean where I would love to ring in the New Year tonight. Given the choice, though, I’d probably opt for the spot pictured here: Rum Point, Grand Cayman. That would go double if my dog could come along for the fun. No, rum isn’t the main attraction for me this time. Nor is Rum Point’s amazing Mud Slide on my mind. No, the real reason I’d love to be in Rum Point tonight with my dog is tied to an old law in the Caymans that prohibits dancing and music on Sundays. According to this recent news item in the Cayman Compass, the law dates back some 40 years, and as outdated as it may seem to most of us, it will be enforced tonight. If you, like me, have a doggie that’s sensitive to the usual overexuberant sounds of the New Year’s Season, then the Cayman Islands is definitely the place to be tonight.


*Photo credit: Flickr user Joanne.

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