Get Seduced by Santander, Colombia in Under Three Minutes

Colombia continues to fascinate me, and not just its idyllic offshore islands or coastal regions either. This country is rich with much more than the usual sun, sand, and sea enticements that draw millions to our region year after year.

Colombia really captivates in its interior mountain regions. Mountain regions like Santander.

Tucked neatly into Colombia’s central northern region, Santander covers an area of nearly 12,000 square miles. The western edge along the Magdalena River is mostly flat. To the east, the eastern cordillera rises sharply, creating the types of beautiful vistas pictured above… and tons of adventure opportunities.

It’s here in the mountains that you’ll find the spectacular Guanentá nature sanctuary, the Afrodita Waterfall, and the Cañon de Chicamocha National Park. Paragliding, spelunking, camping, fishing, mountain climbing – all can be enjoyed among these heights.

Bucaramanga, the capital of Santander, also entices. Known as the City of Parks for the 160+ green spaces scattered throughout the city, Bucaramanga sports some serious Old World charm in its architecture, attractions, and history dating all the way back to 1622.

Yeah, for me, Santander seems to have it all. For more evidence, check out this week’s featured video below…


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Sergio Fabara Muñoz.

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