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Feeding Time For The Trouts of Trogon Lodge, Costa Rica

The dreamy natural surroundings I encountered upon arrival at Trogon Lodge high in the Cloud Forest of central Costa Rica gave the place a fairy tale feel I found irresistible. When I sat down to dinner that night at the Lodge, though, I soon learned that the magical feelings weren’t the only irresistible things ensconced in all this natural beauty.

All around the property you’ll find ponds of varying sizes positively teeming with freshwater trout, a sustainable and seriously tasty staple item on the menu here.

As they get older/bigger, the trout are moved to progressively larger ponds, eventually ending up in the sprawling pond just below the restaurant, El Quetzal. (See the Trogon Lodge grand pond here.) Life for them must seem pretty good here, but in reality the grand pond is just the last weigh station en route to hitting your dinner plate.

Way before that, though, the good life for these trout include regular feedings in smaller ponds like this one…

It was just after 8am – the mountain air, cold and crisp; the scene, naturally relaxing.

Another great Moment of Zen in Costa Rica…



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