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Pura Vida Beach Therapy Along Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

The sand, a decidedly downcast shade of grey, mirrored murky skies and a rough and tumble surf. Even the breeze coming in off the sea was a tad on the chilly side. Fitting for fall, I thought as my toes squished into the dark–wet sand at the water’s edge, though a bit surprising for the Caribbean.

This grey September afternoon found me in Tortuguero, the remote and remarkably wild corner of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast; a place where beach pursuits typical throughout the rest of the region simply don’t exist.

No swimming, kite boarding, sailing, or even surfing. Entering the water is strictly off-limits due to some seriously strong rip currents.

Less than ideal?


Staring out at the waves, the fading light of the afternoon adding ever more dramatic tones and shadows in concert with the dark sand, sea, and skies, the beach therapy here delivered a raw, untamed calm beyond what I’d expected.

Pura vida, indeed…

More on travel to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastal areas here.

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