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Parador Resort & Spa, Costa Rica: View With A Room

True to our Uncommon Caribbean name, you won’t find us on the shores of the Pacific very often. In fact, before visiting Costa Rica this past September, I don’t think I’d dipped my toe in the world’s largest ocean… ever!!

In Manuel Antonio, the popular beach resort area centrally located on Costa Rica’s west coast, the Pacific and all its charms tantalize you from the earliest hours of the morning ’til well into the night. That’s especially true if you’re staying at the Parador Resort & Spa.

Resting atop the scenic Punta Quepos promontory high above the coast, the 129-room Parador Resort & Spa extends across 12 acres of lush, tropical, and wildlife-rich rainforest. This is the area’s only full-service resort – kids club, spa, multiple pools, restaurants, and bars all at your disposal – combining luxury and eco-conscious sustainability to great (and award-winning) effect.

There’s lots to love about the Parador Resort & Spa (I’ll share more in future posts), but the view above stands out to me. When you wake up to a view like this, how can anyone (even a decidedly Caribbean guy like me) help but fall for the Pacific coast of Costa Rica?

Learn more about the Parador Resort & Spa here.

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