A Look at Life on the Malecón from Havana Club

Stretching a good four miles along the coast of Havana, from the harbor in the old part of the city all the way to the bustling and vibrant Vedado neighborhood, the broad and lively esplanade and seawall that is the Malecón is the beating heart of Cuba’s capital city.

Its construction was initially started by the U.S. military back in 1901 to protect Havana from the sea. This main purpose, however, has been overshadowed over the years by the more immediate benefits provided to the Cuban people and visitors alike.

As you’ll see in the video below produced by Havana Club, scores of folks take to the Malecón daily for fishing, swimming, buying, selling, limin’ and loving. Indeed, it appears there aren’t too many nicer strolls you can take anywhere…

Visit the Malecón de La Habana - Havana Club

*Lead photo, credit motumboe via Flickr.

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