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Havana Club’s Stylish Spread of Cuban Culture

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The U.S. embargo against Cuba has done much to keep the vast majority of Americans from visiting one of its closest Caribbean neighbors for years, but it’s done little to slow the spread of Cuban culture into the States. Certainly, the large population of Cuban immigrants bears most of the credit for this, especially here in South Florida. But, if you’re a regular YouTube viewer (or you watch TV outside of the U.S.), then you may have noticed that Havana Club has been busy carrying the flag quite well for its home country lately.

The iconic rum of Cuba produced a great series of videos a couple years ago highlighting distinct aspects of Cuban culture and general street life in Havana. Some of ’em, like this one called Trombones, is pretty much in-line with what you might think of Cuba’s musical traditions. Others, like Beatbox 1 and Beatbox 2, are decidedly more uncommon.

Whistling presents a wonderful slice of life: just a few guys sitting around making music, while the simple joy captured in Wedding Bike is sure to make anyone smile.

My favorite, though, has got to be the video featured above, which effectively delivers a nuanced message about sexy Cuban dancing (and the inability of Europeans to replicate it) without showing any moves at all. Check it out and have a laugh over a Mojito, just as they do at the close of the video, using this recipe, also courtesy of Havana Club

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