Saturday Video: See Why We Want to Visit Cuba Right Now…

INCUBATION from 5mars on Vimeo.

Our dreams of a first-ever Uncommon Caribbean trip to Cuba are coming closer to fruition, and not a moment too soon! Even with the recent re-tightening of travel restrictions for Americans wishing to visit Cuba, it’s still a good bet that our closest Communist neighbor will become increasingly more accessible sooner rather than later. This, of course, has us jonesing to get there sooner too! Why? Just take a look at today’s featured video…

InCubation is a vividly artistic representation of Cuba’s charms, demons and everything in-between – its beauty, its grit, its quirks, its sport, history, people, culture, nature and even some things old Fidel would probably rather that we didn’t see. In short, it’s the real Cuba, warts and all. The Cuba we want to see and experience before everyone else can and everything changes.

Now, change is not such always such a bad thing, but I do have my worries about Cuba. I’m reminded of the first time I visited Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second city located on the island’s southern coast. It was the early 1980s and the town was still pretty sleepy, retaining much of its Old World charm. The central attraction then, as now, Plaza Las Delicias, was ringed only by historic buildings, most notably the Parque de Bombas and Ponce Cathedral. It was like a living, breathing museum; a place where time stood still.

Fast forward to the mid-1990s when I had occasion to visit Plaza Las Delicias once more. The Cathedral and Parque de Bomas were still there, resplendent as always. So too were several American fast food outlets, a sight I simply couldn’t stomach. The Ponce I knew and loved was gone.

Will a similar fate befall Cuba’s most revered historic areas? Who can say. Best just to experience them now if you can, right?

That’s what Guillaume Le Berre was thinking. He’s the digital creative artist behind InCubation. Like us, he was inspired to experience the pre-Americanized Cuba, spending 15 days capturing the amazing footage you can see above. This Cuba is obviously not for everyone, but it’s definitely what we’re hoping to experience… soon!

To check out more of Guillaume’s work, visit him online, or tune in to his Vimeo Channel here.


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