Fuikdag Curacao

Fuikdag Curacao: Keep Your New Year’s Party Going

In a region defined, to some extent, by the phrase “Don’t Stop The Carnival,” the biggest fetes to ring in the new year kick-off days after the proverbial ball drop. Case in point Fuikdag Curacao.

The climax of the Crucian Christmas Festival, the Adult Parade, went down in Frederiksted on our home island of St. Croix earlier today, so you know the parties are extending well into the night tonight! Similarly, Sugar Mas in St. Kitts is also in the midst of its final weekend of fun with the always hot Cool Down Fete still to come tomorrow.

The wettest and arguably hottest party, though, is set for tomorrow in an open expanse of water just southeast of the Spanish Waters boating playground in Curacao. It’s called Fuikdag, and as you can see in the video below, there’s nothing quite like it…

Held yearly on the first Sunday in January, Fuikdag is one big dance party on the waves drawing together seafaring party people from all over the world to a remote, generally calm corner of Curacao for a full day of jammin’ non-stop! Fueling the excitement is a collection of big-time DJs like Chuckie and Afrojack who routinely roll up aboard their own boats, turntables in tow, to keep the crowd hyped throughout the day.

Fuikdag may attract headlining DJs, but it’s still an organic celebration, so there’s no cover charge or tickets to buy. Just get yourself on a boat (or anything else that floats) and get yourself here on the first Sunday of every New Year for the party of your life!

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