Saturday Video: Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Curacao

Of all the as yet unfulfilled dreams I have of adventuring across the Caribbean, the miracle of swimming with wild dolphins ranks right near the top. Oh, I’ve done one of those touristy dolphin encounter deals, where they strap you into a life jacket and you basically bob up and down in some protected lagoon as well-trained dolphins get their Sea World on all around you. It’s fun, no doubt, but I imagine it’s nothing, I mean NOTHING like the thrill ride captured here.

Wild Dolphins at Curaçao

Just so happens I’ll be in Curacao tomorrow, courtesy of the fine folks at the Hyatt Regency Golf Resort, Spa & Marina. I’m only there til Wednesday with a fairly loaded itinerary, but you can bet that if I spy a pod of these friendly guys cruising by from my balcony, I’ll be making a beeline for the sea in hopes of replicating this amazing scene.

If you’re interested in following my adventures in Curacao as they happen, hit us up on twitter, where I’ll be posting regular updates and photos throughout the trip.

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