The Intrinsic Healing Power of Curacao

Many are the therapeutic benefits of traveling anywhere in the Caribbean. The healing power of Curacao, though, stands out among the rest.

Not just because of the soothing joy you can experience sailing Spanish Water, as pictured above.

Not just because of Den Panadera either, though the Caribbean’s most improbable botanical garden, stubbornly blossoming with all manner of medicinal plants and herbs in the middle of the desert island, most embodies Curacao’s restorative quality.

Indeed, the healing power here is intrinsic; so much a part of what makes Curacao special that it’s actually in the name “Curacao” itself.

The distinction is, of course, rooted in history.

Back in the earliest days of European exploration of the West Indies, sailors enduring long and arduous expeditions would often come down with scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C. Portuguese annals of the time tell of scurvy-afflicted sailors left behind on a particular island, ostensibly to die.

When the ships passed by the island in question later on, though, they often found the previously marooned sailors fully-recovered.

This, then, caused the Portuguese sailors to refer to the island as Ilha da Curação, or “Island of Healing.”

Do Curacao’s magical healing properties hold up today?

Results will vary, no doubt, but personally I always feel better here…

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