🇧🇸Deep Water Cay

Old School Fishing Lodge on Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas

Due to the destruction brought on by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019, Deep Water Cay has ceased operations. As the property recovers in hopes of reopening, a fundraising drive has been launched to aid resort staff in rebuilding their lives. Should you wish to contribute, please visit the Deep Water Cay website.

In the early days of sport fishing safaris to the Out Islands of The Bahamas, men (and generally men only) would trek out from Florida. Their destination: an old school fishing lodge. They’d bring with them fuel enough for boat and generator, booze enough to bear the usual onslaught of mosquitoes and no-see-ums, and precious little else.

These were manly-men expeditions fit solely for daring souls bent on testing their survival skills.

What the men ate was almost entirely predicated on their success at sea. What they drank, aside from the booze, depended almost entirely on whatever freshwater any passing rain clouds might provide.

Wild. Untamed. Adventure!

Luxurious digs like the ones I enjoyed on a recent visit to Deep Water Cay might suggest that this bygone style of parlous male bonding is now a thing of the past.

It isn’t… Mostly.

Deep Water Cay Old School Fishing Lodge

The rustic lodge stood proudly on Deep Water Cay when last I visited several years ago. From the main resort area, a quick walk along the path that leads to the far end of the island would take you right to it. You seriously could not miss it if you tried. If you’re anti-roughing it, though, you’d probably want to.

No a/c and scant modern comforts kept this old school fishing lodge authentic to the island’s storied past.


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