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Arroz con Gandules
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Arroz Con Gandules Recipe Straight From My Titi Elsa’s Kitchen

Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas in English) is the national dish of Puerto Rico. My Titi Elsa's version is simply the best.
Puerto Rico Flag
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The Puerto Rico Earthquakes and How You Can Help

Barely into 2020, but the new year has already brought fire, war, and the Puerto Rico earthquakes.Β But, in this case, there's something you can do to help.
Garita del Diablo (Devil's Sentry Box), Puerto Rico
πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Old San Juan

Garita del Diablo (Devil’s Sentry Box), Puerto Rico

Garita del Diablo (Devil's Sentry Box) at Castillo San CristΓ³bal in Old San Juan has been off limits for hundreds of years. There's a haunted reason why...
Santurce Street Art at night | SBPR
πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·San Juan

Santurce Street Art Brightens the Night Around San Juan

Santurce street art isn't meant to simply dress up the neighborhood. In fact, it's no stretch to say that the art helped to save the neighborhood.
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Ostra Cosa in Old San Juan: Taste of the Caribbean

Ostra Cosa will make you blush. Fine art and aphrodisiacs are said to be the order of the day at this stylish eatery set in the heart of Old San Juan.
Iconic San Juan sentry box, Puerto Rico | Credit: Zach Stadler
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Up Next: Delving Into Post-Disaster Recovery in Puerto Rico

On my last visit to Puerto Rico, just five months post-Maria, I didn't stay long enough to get a sense of the recovery. This trip will be different.
El Yunque Waterfall, Puerto Rico | Credit: Jose Francisco, PhD
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What Makes Puerto Rico The Most Mystical Place in the Caribbean?

Los Chupacabra barely scratches the surface on the strange encounters recorded in El Yunque, the massive, mystical rainforest in Puerto Rico over the years.
Sunrise over Luquillo, Puerto Rico
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Experience Sunrise Over Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Luquillo is the kind of place that invites exploration, mixing with the locals, and rising with the sun to experience the real spirit of Puerto Rico.
Vieques Horses roaming free on the beach | Credit: Flickr user karlnorling

The Not So Wild Horses of Vieques

You see horses wandering around on their own across so much of Vieques, in fact, that it's only natural to assume they must be wild.