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Swimming Pigs and Paddleboarding Exumas by Patrick Bennett

Paddleboarding to Pig Beach: Wish You Were Here

The smooth seas surrounding the Exumas are the perfect place for a little paddleboarding... Even if you have to share some beaches with swimming pigs.
Staniel Cay Sunrise by Patrick Bennett
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Caribbean Wallpaper: Sunrise Over Teeny-Tiny Staniel Cay

The sun rises here just like anywhere, but once you experience a day on Staniel Cay you'll get why this daily natural miracle is so uncommonly special here.
Staniel Cay Airport Sunrise
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Staniel Cay Airport Sunrise: Photo of the Day

Staniel Cay Airport (TYM), like other landing strips that dot the 700 islands of The Bahamas, is your first taste of pure paradise.
Black Point Regatta, The Bahamas

Photo Essay: The Black Point Regatta Emancipation Weekend

One of the best ways to celebrate Emancipation Day is out on the iridescent waters of the Exumas, with some rum, watching the Black Point Regatta.
Swimming Pigs Exumas The Bahamas by Patrick Bennett
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Pig Beach – The Swimming Pigs of The Exumas

Pig Beach, in the middle of The Bahamas, is a pristine white sand beach with a portly bunch of regulars: famous swimming pigs.