An ‘All Purpose’ Toast to Dominica in Her Time of Need

When times turn tough in the Caribbean, people often turn to rum.

In Dominica, commercial brands like Red Cap, Soca Rum, and Macoucherie are good options, but they can’t compare to the more rugged flavor and extra-spicy potency of All Purpose.

I first tried All Purpose after soaking in the natural hot springs at Ti Kwen Glocho, a time when I can assure you with 100% certainty that absolutely nothing was ailing me. In that sense, I can’t vouch for its restorative powers.

All Purpose bush rum, Dominica | SBPR
All Purpose bush rum, Dominica | SBPR

I can, however, testify to its powerfully pungent flavor and aroma. Not a sipper in any way, you’re best off shooting All Purpose, gritting your teeth, and girding yourself for the “healing” to kick in.

As its name implies, All Purpose is meant to treat any and all everything’s that might be wrong with you. For many in Dominica still recovering from the devastating floods brought on by Tropical Storm Erika, though, even All Purpose is not enough.

Fundraising efforts organized by our friends at Jungle Bay continue apace, but we’re still a long way from putting the pieces back together for the people of Petite Savanne and elsewhere across the island.

If you can give, please click here and do so with our heartfelt thanks. If you can’t, please at least share this post with friends and family who may be in a better position to help.

Cheers to Dominica!

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