Dominica Delights Week – Let’s go to The Nature Island

Dominica delights like no other destination in the Caribbean. The youngest island in the Lesser Antilles (since it’s still being formed by volcanic activity), Dominica is home to serene hikes, stunning vistas, incredible flavors, some of the most welcoming people in the Caribbean, the last remaining Kalinago outpost, rustic beach cottages, luxury villas, towering waterfalls, varied wildlife, and a myriad of other natural wonders. So, for all these reasons and so many more, we’ll be highlighting the best of The Nature Island over a whole week.

Dominica Post Hurricane Maria

We all saw the footage. Devastation. Destruction. Homes washed away and livelihoods lost. Yes, there’s no doubt that category 5 Hurricane Maria took its toll. A toll the media plastered all over television and the internet smothered in a thick cloud of doom and gloom. In the aftermath of this coverage, you might be forgiven for thinking the entire island was left for lost.

At Uncommon Caribbean, we prefer not to run pages and pages of “destruction porn” after natural disasters. For us, the real underlying story is one of resiliency within our region and the determination of our people to persevere, rebuild, and return to prosperity. We are West Indians. This is what we’re capable of. This is what we do. And this is what the world should really know.

Bringing this story of resurgence to life is why we’ve dedicated the past year and a half following the savage 2017 hurricane season to personally revisiting as many of the impacted destinations as possible—from Puerto Rico to the Eastern Caribbean.

And now, it’s time for the resurgence (thanks to a herculean effort) on Dominica to shine.

A New Dominica

Just as trees ripped bare of their leaves by 150-mile-per-hour winds soon sprout glistening new leaves, Dominica’s best sites and attractions have returned—some better than ever.

During this week, we’ll visit a few, like the all-new Secret Bay luxury villas, Picard Beach Cottages, Fort Shirley, and many of the natural wonders found in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

All of the sights and sounds we’ll share this week were captured during my visit back in December 2018. So, you’ll see from my firsthand experience how the island’s world-class natural and manmade treasures have recovered.

Dominica Delights More Than Ever

Yes, it’s a good time to revisit Dominica—even though scars from Hurricane Maria remain. But if you’ve never been, we’ll share why it’s an even better time than ever to make your first trip.

So, pull on your hiking shoes, grab your snorkel, and prepare yourself to be blown away by the splendor of The Nature Island.

Welcome to #DominicaDelights week!

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