Dreading Locks The Natural Way in Dominica

Many are the various methods one can employ toward achieving an eye-catching coif of dreadlocks these days. Baldhead that I am, I can’t say that I know from experience, though dreadlocked friends and those in the know have told me that modern waxes, gels, and other hair “care” products packed with harsh chemicals get the job done quickly. The resulting irritation to your scalp and damage to your follicles will likely have you wanting to change hairstyles again in short order, though. These modern methods also apparently aren’t made to last, at least not without some major ongoing maintenance. Indeed, as with eats, when it comes to dreading your locks, ital a de best. Like this guy I came across along the banks of the Colihaut River in Dominica a couple years ago, some fresh aloe, a steady source of pure, clean water, and a lot of patience provides the right kind of all-natural start to dreading out your hair and scalp will appreciate long down the road.

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