Duck Into Kool Breeze Bar After Touching Down in Dominica

As noted before, the thrill ride that is landing at Douglas-Charles Airport (formerly Melville-Hall) in Dominica often requires one to quickly seek a requisite measure of adult beverage. And while the Islet View Bar we touted to satisfy such needs previously certainly fits the bill, a few Dominican friends have pointed out that it’s not really located all that close to the airport.

For those who require their elixir with more alacrity, there’s Kool Breeze.

Set atop a hill right along the main road leading away from the airport through the northern town of Marigot, Kool Breeze couldn’t be more convenient, or easier to find. A few minutes was all it took for me to find my way here after clearing customs on my most recent trip to Dominica last October. This big rock ensured I wouldn’t miss it.

Right this way, past the garbage cans, to Kool Breeze Bar, Dominica | SBPR
Right this way (past the garbage cans) to Kool Breeze Bar, Dominica | SBPR

So, why stop here? Ice-cold Kubuli and bush rum, of course!

Kool Breeze, like most every other bar I’ve visited in Dominica over the past few years, specializes in both.

The ginger rum here was nice with a pleasant zing that wouldn’t rate a raised eyebrow compared to the batch I tried down at Brenda’s in Rosseau.

The company at Kool Breeze is another big plus. During my quick visit, it was just me, the bartender, a couple locals, and a little kid everyone kept shooing outside.

Kool Breeze Bar, Dominica | SBPR
Kool Breeze Bar, Dominica | SBPR

Most of the talk was about other bush rums and bars – ones I’d already tried and ones I needed to sample before I left the island. It was like being in a veritable visitor’s center for those on a rum journey to Dominica, with many of their suggestions playing into a good bit of my most recent Dominica posts. I really couldn’t ask for a better welcome back.

To cap off my Kool Breeze pit stop, we all shared in a shot of a particularly pungent bush rum called “Under The Table.” They wouldn’t tell me what was in it, which was just as well… they’d already told me so much.

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