Forget Sipping this New Year’s Eve, Dive into Dominica’s Champagne Reef Instead

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Christmas may only be 10 days away, but for the party people among us, a more blessed Holiday looms even larger on the horizon – New Year’s Eve… that most epic of annual blowout party nights when just about everyone strives to trip the Rock Star partylife fantastic.

Just about everyone, that is, except me.

To me, New Year’s Eve brings out amateur party-goers in such mass that the whole thing hardly seems worth the effort. For these amateurs, too much champagne is a bad thing, but for those like me who prefer a more uncommon way of ringing in the New Year, full submersion in the bubbly of Champagne Reef in Dominica is very good indeed.

One of the more unique dive and snorkeling sites anywhere, Champagne Reef is located just offshore the southwest coast of Dominica, just below the capital city of Roseau. It suits all levels of scuba divers as the current is quite light and the water generally very calm. Reasonably shallow depths make it a good option for snorkeling enthusiasts as well.

Sounds pretty tame and boring, right? Well don’t be fooled. The excitement of this place is plain to see in the image above… and also in its name.

Champagne Reef gets its name from the millions of tiny bubbles that continuously emerge from the sea floor here, giving all who visit the sensation of swimming in a fresh flute of Chandon. The bubbles are a product of the vast system of active fumaroles here, their warm gas emissions a veritable toast to the island’s volcanic origins.

The heated water also works to create a wonderfully hospitable environment for healthy, vibrant sea life. Such exotic species as seahorses, frogfish and flying gurnards are said to be common here, living in and among some of the brightest, most unspoiled coral anywhere in the Caribbean.

For me, though, the thrill of floating around in those bubbles is incentive enough to make my way here… especially if I get to skip amateur night in the process.

For more on diving and snorkeling in Dominica, click here to check in with our friends at the Discover Dominica Authority.

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