Dominica’s Different Kind of Blue: Photo of the Day

Dominica remains so virgin – so unspoiled, verdant, and pristine – that it’s said to be the only island in the Caribbean that Columbus would still recognize today.

The historical hyperbole references the island’s terrestrial environs, but from what I’ve seen on my travels there in recent years, it could very well apply to Dominica’s surrounding seas as well.

Scuba enthusiasts in the know are well aware of this already, drawn as they have been over the years to the amazing marine life and burgeoning coral reefs thriving in and around the many bubbling undersea volcanic vents nestled just offshore.

Craters, chasms, towering lava pinnacles, and walls utterly teeming with all manner of sea life – diving in Dominica is like plunging into the past; to a time before modern man’s overzealous encroachment into our islands brought coral bleaching and other ills to much of the rest of the region.

Even if you never venture beneath her waves, though, it’s easy to get a sense of how pure and unsullied Dominica’s waters are just by looking at ’em. There’s simply a different kind of blue here; one that by all appearances is the same as it ever was.

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