Little Delights Make Jungle Bay, Dominica Extra Special: Photo of the Day

The delights are as much in the details as in the overall product at Jungle Bay, a most uncommon resort and spa set in one of the most uncommon corners of the Caribbean. These delights assuage all the senses, enveloping you in a natural, loving embrace that surprises in spots, entices in others, and altogether leaves you feeling more balanced and at peace than before you came.

The first one I noticed upon entering Breadfruit Cottage, my perch among the treetops for two nights at Jungle Bay this past February. It was the middle of a steamy afternoon and all the doors and windows were open, mercifully allowing a cool, strong seabreeze full run of the place. Despite the winds, though, a rich and distinctive smell hung heavy in the air.

“Local bay oil,” my porter explained. “The cleaning ladies spray it in the corners. Makes a nice smell and helps to keep the bugs out.”

Nice smell? To me it was intoxicating. Immediately, I went to the gift shop to buy a few vials of my own. On my way back, I took some time to explore the property. It was then that I noticed another little delight, though not right away, in the person of the painted rock pictured above.

I found it sitting atop a much larger boulder hidden in the bushes near the resort’s Pavilion Restaurant. It was not supposed to be there.

Just a few paces away, Jungle Bay maintains an on-site herb garden. In it, whimsically colorful marking stones like this guy denote what’s growing where. Somehow, though, this particular “Thyme” marker had made its way to its own special spot atop a larger rock in a small clearing among the verdant tropical foliage.

I stood there pondering the painted rock for some time. I didn’t know about the garden yet, so I was perplexed as to what it could be about. As I pondered, the little delight took effect.

Below, the rhythmic crashing of forceful Atlantic waves pounded against the hardscrabble shore. All around me, that same cool, strong seabreeze from my cottage gently rustled the jungle plants and trees. Together, they worked in union with the colorfully misplaced interloper to put me in a zen-like state for several minutes.

Crazy from the heat or the bay oil fumes? Hardly. I was just under the sweet spell of Jungle Bay, one you’ll find easy to succumb to as well if you pay attention to the little delights all around you.

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