Sunset Swoon in Roseau, Dominica: Photo of the Day

There’s always something special to me about the last photo I manage to capture on my last full day prior to leaving a given destination. Like that last glimpse of a special someone following the protracted canoodling that comes with every long good-bye, there’s always a little extra-added emotion in those parting images.

The exhilaration of new discoveries, the disappointment of experiences that didn’t quite measure up (more on this another day), the thrill of uncommon measures taken to compensate for any shortcomings – the memories of these and many of my other Dominica exploits all come rushing back to me every time I see this photo.

I snapped it just before departing Roseau en route back to Jungle Bay. The Grand Opening Parade to Dominica Carnival 2K14 had wrapped up a few moments prior, the fete moving from the streets to smaller, more intimate bars and rum shops all over town.

It had been a great trip – easily one of my all-time favorites – with some really nice surprises, more than my fair share of bush rum, and great new friends to keep Dominica forever in my heart. The sun fading fast in concert with the previously cacophonous Carnival, like a soft kiss blown from afar, not saying good-bye, but rather, see you again soon…

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