Saturday Video: All It Takes is One Minute to Fall for Dominica

Discover Dominica in a Minute

In the Caribbean, things happen at their own pace: slow. In St. Croix, we call it Crucian Time. In Jamaica, any unwanted push to pick up the pace is met with “soon come”. Rush somebody in the Spanish islands, and you’re likely to hear “mañana”. Yes, it’s a stereotype, and like most stereotypes, it can be unfair, but in many cases it’s spot-on… and that’s not always a bad thing.

Take the weather, for instance. It’s hot, don’t rush.

Consider our rum. Don’t the finest blends require the type of aging that demands the utmost patience?

Look at the amazing art and natural beauty found in each Caribbean island. Isn’t it worth pausing an extra moment or two to enjoy a bit more fully?

Certainly, there are advantages to down-shifting and savoring the laid-back Caribbean vibe to the fullest, but when it comes to selecting one of the best places to do so, all it takes is one minute. At least that’s the concept behind one of the latest promotional videos from the Discover Dominica Authority. The tidy one-minute video above gives you a quick intro to the Nature Island – its majestic eco-wonders, adventure travel pursuits, local food, smiling faces, and more.

Spare a minute watching this and you’ll surely want to spend much more time adopting a mañana mentality in this very special island…

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