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Taste of the Caribbean: A Terrific Tumeric Tea Recipe from Rosalie Bay, Dominica

I never knew anything about tumeric til I visited Dominica last year. It was there, in the New Market along the waterfront in Roseau, that a nice elderly lady took the time to run down this amazing root’s curative properties, its effectiveness against stomach, breast, skin and colon cancers the top sales points she shared.

I couldn’t really buy any, though, considering I was leaving back to the States the next day, where the FDA would’ve more than likely been all-too-happy to confiscate my miracle spice. Still, I made a point of investigating tumeric a bit more upon my return, and have since successfully integrated it into my regular diet, all thanks to that nice market lady.

Just today, though, I learned of a new way to enjoy and reap the benefits of tumeric. My source, once again, comes from Dominica, though this time the credit goes to my friends at the fabulous Rosalie Bay Resort.

  • Tumeric Root
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Honey

Some of you may remember all the great things I loved about staying here – the spacious suites; the lush, tropical surroundings; yoga; hiking; great service; an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility; and absolutely exceptional healthy cuisine.

Of course, lots of hotels serve up great food, but few do so with as strong a lean toward melding local dishes and cooking techniques to international fare as Rosalie Bay. (Remember Rosalie’s Kalinago Cassava Porridge?) Their tumeric tea is but the latest example. Here’s the recipe that I’ll be trying later this week…

Peel and chop one inch of tumeric root and add to 16-20 ounces of water in a small pot. Place over high heat. Once you’ve got your liquid good and boiling, pour the it into your mug and add fresh lime and honey to taste. That’s it!

This recipe will give you two-to-three cups of tumeric tea, enough to share the healthy goodness to be derived from this special spice with those closest to you.

Here’s to your health!

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