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Eating Well is Easy at Rosalie Bay Resort: Taste of the Caribbean

It’s tough to stick to a healthy diet most anywhere you travel. You’re away from home, you’re out of your normal routine, your inhibitions are down, you’re ready to surrender to all manner of being spoiled… Next thing you know, you’re fat.

What if you’re vegan, or you follow a gluten-free diet? The further you stray off the beaten path, the less these terms tend to be known. Next thing you know, you’re starved (and probably more than a little grumpy).

My recommended solution to both problems: Rosalie Bay Resort in Dominica.

When I checked in here a couple months ago, I quickly learned that this eco-luxe property cares as much for the health of its guests as it does the environment. (More on Rosalie Bay’s eco-friendly attributes here.) Yoga, meditation, spa/massage services, power walks and a nice-sized fitness center are all part of the deal, of course. But, this being a “Taste” post, let’s focus on marvelous dishes like the gluten-free stir fry veggies pictured above, which I enjoyed for lunch right after my surprise hike to Denier Falls.

Nicely-spiced in such a way that the heat didn’t overshadow the flavor, this stir fry proved the perfect replenishment to my long, grueling and infinitely rewarding hike. As you can see, the portion wasn’t overwhelming either. Everything about this dish was just right, which was entirely by design according to Oscar Lora, Rosalie Bay’s GM.

Oscar told me that from the time it opened in November 2010, Rosalie Bay has always offered healthy cuisine at its one on-property restaurant, Zamaan. Just about all of the ingredients in just about everything they serve comes from an expansive organic garden located at the resort. Toward the end of 2011, though, Rosalie Bay raised the healthy food factor up a couple notches by revamping the menu to include more vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free fare.

Just take a look at the lunch and dinner menus (links here). You won’t find too many options not designated as “Healthy Choice,” and some that aren’t are still gluten-free – a pretty impressive array of healthy choices for a property of Rosalie Bay’s modest size (just 28 rooms).

It’s virtually impossible to eat poorly at Rosalie Bay, which with all the active adventuring Dominica has to offer is a very good thing. You need lots of energy to fully enjoy this special destination. Staying at Rosalie Bay ensures that you get it with every meal and return home fit and happy, no matter what special diet you’re on.


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