Tia's Hot Spa, Dominica

Tia’s Hot Spa, Dominica: LargeUp Takes Us For A Tour

Like a lot of the trips I was fortunate enough to make last year, my mid-summer sojourn to Dominica was way too short. Among the big things that I missed was a trip to one of the island’s amazing natural spas. I’d long heard of Screw’s, the most popular of Dominica’s natural healing havens, but in keeping with our uncommon ways, I hoped to find something a little less-known. Something a lot like Tia’s Hot Spa, Dominica.

Beautiful Dominica: Finding Paradise at Tia's Hot Spa | LargeUp TV

Our friends at LargeUp.com were lucky enough to experience Tia’s a few months ago, and as you can see in their video, this place is tailor-made for our style of uncommon travel. Rustic and authentically West Indian, Tia’s has a nice irie vibe complete with a homemade rum sporting a cautionary name offering a challenge you just know we wouldn’t be able to resist!

Thanks to our friends at LargeUp for sharing the video, and be sure to check out their post for more on what it’s like to visit Tia’s.

And visit our Dominica Travel Guide for more inspiration!

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