Bois Bande Soap – Rise (Literally!) and Shine in The Shower

Bois Bande, the Caribbean’s Viagra.

We’ve come across this sex-charged natural stimulant on many of our travels – Martinique, Tobago, Trinidad, Nevis, St. Lucia, Antigua – always in drink form, blended (counterproductively, according to science) with rum.

So linked is Bois Bande with booze to me, in fact, that I never considered it could be available in any other form. Then I went shopping in Dominica, where I found what most certainly must be the world’s sexiest soap.

Men, if you want to get a “rise” out of your shower experience, Bois Bande soap is for you!

Well, at least that’s what dem say. And by dem, I mean the lady who came up with the soap in the first place, Averiel Boston.

Bois Bande Soap implies its benefits right on the label
Benefits available to men using The Coal Pot’s Bois Bande Soap are loosely implied right on the label | SBPR

A native of Dominica, Averiel has been developing and selling natural, handmade soaps, creams, oils, and other beauty products through her company, The Coal Pot, for 14 years. Most of her products feature the usual suspects of tropical ingredients – nutmeg, aloe, cinnamon, lemongrass, etc. Bois Bande joined the line-up 10 years ago.

So, what inspired Averiel to get a little dirty with this particular personal cleanser?

We had a lot of products, most directed toward women, so we wanted to do something for the man.

Averiel claims she hasn’t seen the proof with her own two eyes but insists the soap can do the work. Her steady stream of satisfied male customers seem to attest to this as well.

For my part, well, I just opened the Bois Bande bar pictured above… and am gearing up for a particularly hot shower tonight!

The Coal Pot products are not currently available for sale online, though Averiel tells me that will change soon. (Traveling to Dominica to pick up a few bars will likely still cost you less than refilling your Viagra prescription, and would be a lot more fun too!)

To learn more about The Coal Pot, visit Averiel and her friends online.

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